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  • 48 Hour Film Project Short Film

  • 2010 / Writing, Production, Direction & Editing

  • Two kids (Parker and Kent) join their fantasy heroes "Super Force 5" in ridding their neighborhood of the A-Hole gang. "Superforce 5" was made for the Chicago region 48 Hour Film Project, a film-making competition which challenges filmmakers to write, produce, and deliver a short 7 minute movie in just 48 hours. Team Nitestar was assigned the genre "Fantasy" and the character Duncan or Denise Kerrey, a sales clerk, the line of dialogue "I think you are mistaken" and the required use of a mug as a prop.

  • Directed by: Jerry Vasilatos

  • Videography by: Tim Parenteau

  • Edited by: Jerry Vasilatos

  • Produced by: Nitestar Productions

  • Starring: Caryn Ruby, Luke Sennott, T.J. Fleischmann, Kyle Hillman, Raminder Chadha, Andrea Eve, Camille and Kennerly Diebold

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