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  • 48 Hour Film Project Short Film

  • 2009 / Writing, Production, Direction & Editing

  • This week... Drake Tanner tackles the case of two close-knit transit employees nearly torn apart by discrimination. "Inside America" was made for the Chicago region 48 Hour Film Project, a film-making competition which challenges filmmakers to write, produce, and deliver a short 7 minute movie in just 48 hours. Team Nitestar was assigned the genre "Mockumentary" and the character Louis Grimes, City Employee, the line of dialogue "How much money are we talking about?" and the required use of an apple as a prop.

  • Directed by: Jerry Vasilatos

  • Videography by: Joel Sacramento

  • Edited by: Jerry Vasilatos

  • Produced by: Nitestar Productions

  • Starring: Kirsty Collins, Scott Feigen, Camille and Kennerly Diebold, Beatrice Schneider, Stephanie Rogers, Mike Braam, Raminder Chadha, Carmine Perrelli & Don Kress

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