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Updated June 1st, 2001
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Film Threat


Film Threat’s mission is to champion the increasingly popular explosion of independent and underground films. They accomplish this via ther web site, and free weekly e-mail. Film Threat also distributes films on video and DVD.


Digital Bits

The best site for upcoming news and gossip on upcoming releases to DVD.



Online site for Empire, the UKs leading movie magazine!


Dark Horizons

Your best source for advance information regarding recently released & upcoming sci-fi, fantasy and genre movies. Updated daily!


Ain't It Cool News

Harry Knowles' "Ain't It Cool News". The ultimate Hollywood fanboy site dedicated to insider industry news & reviews.


Corona's Coming Attractions

Corona's Coming Attractions charts news and gossip regarding high-profile film projects both in preparation and production. Highly recommended.


Film Score Monthly

If you're a soundtrack lover, visit Film Score Monthly for composer interviews, soundtrack release information & movie score reviews.


Internet Movie Database

The best film information search engine on the web. Provides story overviews, cast & crew info, box-office figures, marketing linkks and more.


Drew's Script-O-Rama

Movie Scripts! Choose from hundreds of titles, and download the complete screenplay from your favorite film online!


Daily Variety

The Daily Variety Entertainment Summary.


The Hollywood Reporter

Great news source for entertainment related stories - Updated nightly at 12AM (Central Standard Time.)


CNN Interactive

CNN's Daily Showbiz News index.


Entertainment Weekly Online

Entertainment Weekly's WWW page.


Screen Magazine

The Chicago Production Weekly. SCREEN Magazine delivers exclusive information about Chicago's $950 million production market. Serving those who make images for the big, little and computer screens. Your best resource for industry information in the Chicagoland and Midwest area.

Trailer Park

A great site where you'll find new trailers for upcoming films.


The Movie Sounds Page

A collection of Movie Sound files from your favorite films of yesterday and today. Download them to your own computer and customize your work environment.

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