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Updated June 1st, 2001
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Story by Sara Caldwell
Screenplay by Sara Caldwell & Jerry Vasilatos

In this "SPITFIRE GRILL" type drama, a homeless young woman seeks refuge in a Washington D.C. shelter, where she becomes involved in an unfolding murder investigation that threatens not only herself, but the life of young child she has befriended.

View the "Shelter Me" Synopsis

Story by Jerry Vasilatos
Screenplay by Jerry Vasilatos

In this Disneyesque adventure, a teen-age movie theater usher and his friends search for a cache of ancient films hidden deep within the bowels of a magical movie palace. In doing so, they stumble into an adventure that saves both the theater and the neighborhood they've grown up in from the clutches of a greedy developer intent on gentrification.

View the "Palace Treasure" Synopsis

Story and Treatment by Jerry Vasilatos

In this swashbuckling fantasy adventure that mixes elements of "INDIANA JONES", "STARGATE" and "THE FIFTH ELEMENT", a young woman and her archeologist father team up with an airman and his soldiers in a race against time to prevent an age-old prophecy from plunging their world into darkness.

View the "Seahawks" Treatment

Story by Sara Caldwell
Screenplay by Sara Caldwell & Jerry Vasilatos

A "SILENCE OF THE LAMBS" type thriller with the dark edge of "SEVEN". Five years after being removed from a mass murder investigation, a female Chicago homicide detective uncovers evidence which could prove the innocence of a man about to be executed while the true killer begins a brand new wave of mayhem and terror.

View the "Butcher's Dozen" Synopsis

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