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"Blue World" is adapted from a novella by famed horror / suspense writer Robert McCammon. It is the story about a priest's obsession with an adult film actress and the killer who is stalking them. The main character is Father John Lancaster, whose church is located next to the porn district of San Francisco. While listening to confessions one afternoon, he is visited by a woman named Debra Rocks, an adult film actress whose best friend was killed the night before. After the woman departs, Father Lancaster grows curious about the world that exists around the corner from his church, and one night when he can't sleep, he visits the area and is shocked by what he sees. Even more, he is shocked by the fact that he is fascinated by what he saw. Meanwhile, his obsession with Debra Rocks grows. As the story progresses, Father Lancaster (as "John Lucky") befriends Debbie Stoner, the real woman behind Debra Rocks. As he gets caught up in her world, the killer continues to stalk and murder other actresses that appeared in one of Debra's movies---and Debbie and "Lucky" are next on his list. In "Blue World," McCammon explores the feelings of a man of God who becomes obsessed with a lifestyle completely different from his own. Without giving anything away, the novella has a very satisfying ending as Father Lancaster and Debra ultimately find redemption in each other as they effect each others worlds.

This five page scene adaptation was directed on February 26th, 2004 by Jerry Vasilatos for his directing reel. It features Richard Hatch (of television's "Battlestar Galactica" and "The Streets of San Francisco") as Father John Lancaster and newcomer Lisa Nowicki as Debra Rocks. Jerry and Lisa co-produced the scene, which was then edited by Jerry using Final Cut Pro. The scene was shot by cinematographer John O'Shaughnessy, a longtime friend and collaborator who also shot Jerry's debut independent movie "Solstice" in 1993.



St. Vincent's Church, Los Angeles, California. The location used for "Blue World".

Lisa Nowicki is made up for her role as Debra Rocks.

Cinematographer John O'Shaughnessy lines up a shot of Richard Hatch as Father Lancaster.

Lisa and Richard run lines while the crew prepares to shoot.

Producer / Director Jerry Vasilatos and Cinematographer John O'Shaugnessy discuss the scene.

Producer / Director Jerry Vasilatos on the set at St. Vincent's Church.

Lisa Nowicki and Richard Hatch prepare for their scene.

Lisa Nowicki as Debra Rocks


This short scene is dedicated to author Robert McCammon whose great storytelling inspired it.


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